Brief History


Gozprop Limited is a subsidiary of Alliance Group. a wholly owned Nigeria  company established in 2010, to facilitate the sales and marketing of the properties developed by Housing Alliance group and other development companies.

The objective of the group is to complete 1 million affordable houses by 2024.

The Alliance Group of companies, some of which were founded over 20years ago, with the focus on building and construction.

The company bases its philosophy on four major cornerstones:-

Locate right

Design right

Build right

Sell right

Due to urban sprawl residential property is moving further and further from city centers. The prime goal and focus therefore is the acquisition of property in the best location, close to the center of the city with amenities such as transport, services, etc.


International consulting companies have formed partnerships with Alliance Group companies to provide upgraded consulting services.

The expertise they bring to Nigeria is in the development of sustainable economic estates that offer quality houses at affordable prices In addition, exclusive Luxury Villas and Mansions are developed to meet the requirements of up-and-coming executives, situated close to the center of towns and airports. 

New and exciting Estates are being designed to provide a change in lifestyle, where accommodation, work and leisure have been incorporated into the designs. Facilities are a major factor in the design, with schools, worship areas, malls, recreational facilities, etc. are incorporated in the housing projects.


In order to meet the stringent international quality standards, Alliance Group of companies in partnerships with its foreign partners,      provide much needed expertise that ensures quality and standard are not compromised in execution and management.



A company established in 2010 to focus on the Sales and Marketing of real estate for the Alliance group and third party developers. The head office was in Lagos, but has re-located to Abuja. There is a branch in Lagos servicing the customers.

Gozprop has been approached by developers outside the group, to assist in the sales of their housing projects. Gozprop is therefore in a very favorable and sustainable position, to not only adding value to the customers but also adding financial value to the company. 

The sales strategy is to launch mass marketing campaigns, i.e. Television, billboards, Newspapers, Internet, bulk SMS, etc. in order to maximize the exposure of the customer to the properties available in the portfolio.

The leads generated by prospective buyers and investors, will be dealt with on a one-on – one basis. To ensure that no customer has been missed, a CRM is used matching customer requirements with suitable products available in the portfolio.

The company has specially trained sales executives who will facilitate the sales process by presenting the portfolio of properties and assist with applications process. The Gozprop mortgage originator will bridge the gap between the mortgage bank and the customer to ensure the whole process is smooth and efficient.

The focus of Gozprop is to simplify the process from interested customer to satisfied landowner.